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*Uniform Scrubs MUST be “BURGUNDY” (Color Pictured Above)
*Uniform Shoes & Socks MUST be White

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Dress/Uniform Policy

Students are required to dress appropriately during the training program, per the defined guidelines listed below for both the classroom and clinical portions of the program.


To clearly define the dress requirements and expectations for students participating in the Nursing Assistant training program.


During the classroom phase of the program, students may wear casual attire as long as it meets The Following Uniform Guidelines:

Slacks or jeans must be worn to rather than skirts or dresses to accommodate the need for practicing skills.
Sleeveless tops are not allowed.
All clothing must be free from holes or torn seams.
Low cut tops are not allowed and shirts/blouses are to cover cleavage and armpits.
Pants with a deeply sagging crotch are not allowed,
If desired, students may wear scrubs for the classroom/lab portion of the program.

Dress requirements for the clinical phase:

Burgundy Color Scrubs must be worn for the clinical portion of the program.

Burgundy Color scrubs, White shoes and socks are mandatory for clinical. Many different styles of scrubs are allowed but scrubs must cover the torso and legs, must not be low-cut (cleavage must be covered), and must have a professional look.
A wrist watch is mandatory and must have a secondhand.
Personal hygiene: Daily bath/shower with soap and water. Use of antiperspirant or deodorant.
Make-Up and Perfume: Students are to appear neat, clean and odor free. The use of perfume is discouraged and the use of makeup should be moderate.
Hair: Long hair must be tied back or pinned up. Hair should be clean and neatly groomed, worn off the collar and away from face,
Facial Hair: Men with facial hair should be clean shaven, with neatly trimmed beards, mustaches or sideburns.
Fingernails: Must be trimmed and must be no longer than 1/8 inch. (Long nails, artificial or acrylic nails are not allowed, conducive to performing patient care.)
Undergarments: Appropriate undergarments must be worn with uniform pants/skirts to ensure that profession appearance is maintained. Colored or printed undergarments at times will show through uniforms.
Jewelry/Tattoos/ Piercings: Jewelry, if worn, must be minimal. No dangling jewelry will be allowed. No hoop Earrings, bracelets, necklaces or visible body rings allowed. Visible tattoos must be covered.
Shoes: Must be white in color, low heel. No clogs or canvas, sandals, stacked heels, open toe or open heel shoes. Clean white shoestrings.


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