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What Is The Difference Between NA (Nurses Assistant/Aide) and CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant)?

NA: (Nurse’s Aide) refers to one who has completed the class and may be clinical but has not passed the state certification examination.

CNA: (Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide) is the title the individual will hold after satisfying the qualifying examination as adopted by congress in the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA). This is a nursing home Reform Act Designed to improve the quality of care in long term health care facilities and to define training and evaluation standard for CNA who work in these facilities. CNA certification/ training are a very good stepping stone for individuals who might be going forward in nursing programs or in a medical field.
*Note: CNA certification is renewed every 2 years.

What Is My Job As A CNA?

You become a health care personnel to the client, resident or patient. CNAs provide services such as:
(a) Taking and documenting vital signs.
(b) Bathing or assisting with bathing.
(c) Assisting with dressing, meals, walking.
(d) Changing bed linens and at times keeping companionship with residents; as well as assisting LPNs and RNs.

What Is The Difference Between NA (Nurses Assistant/Aide) and CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant)?

An average starting hourly earnings for CNAs in nursing facilities is $9.00 – $15.00 an Hour.

Are There Job Opportunities For CNAs?

According to authentic statistics, CNAs held 65% of all nursing jobs in nursing homes in 1997 and this demand has continued to grow due to the needs of a growing elderly population in the USA. CNAs work in Hospitals, Private Households, Assisted Living Homes and Residential Care Facilities.


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