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Welcome to Westland Nurse Aide Training

Westland Nurse Aide Training Our accelerated Nurse Aide Training program runs for a total of 80 hours (4 Weeks) and costs $500.00. We are based in Westland, Michigan and we firmly believe that the future career achievements of our students are also our achievements. We offer aspiring healthcare professionals that opportunity to get training and certification in a variety of medical courses that are approved by the state.

Students get first-hand training from our nurses and clinical instructors who will prepare them for their future careers. The courses are also accelerated so it takes a shorter time for students to acquire the essential competencies that will make them effective in the health care setting. We focus on training programs for Nursing Aides, CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and First Aid Skills.

Our Philosophy in Nursing Education is derived from our passion to educate the care professionals of our future. Today, you are a student – tomorrow, you can potentially save someone’s life!


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Mission Statement

Westland Nurse Aide Training strives to provide quality education to a widely-diverse community of students from different backgrounds, cultures and races. We are very much committed to guiding our students as they fulfill their highest potentials in their chosen fields of health care practice. We will build their confidence mentally and academically.

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